About Us

The Center for Legal Language (CLL) was established in 2022 with the objective of promoting the learning of legal English and legal German. To achieve this aim, CLL operates in the following areas:

Legal English and legal German Courses

CLL offers courses in legal English and legal German, which are divided according to the level of language proficiency. Students can choose from two types of courses: general and specific. The former covers different areas of law, while the latter focuses on a particular area of law. CLL uses internationally recognized coursebooks, which enable students to enhance all language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Upon completion of the course, students can take an exam and receive a certificate of completion.

Educational Projects

CLL carries out educational projects to make the learning of legal English and legal German accessible to anyone interested in acquiring these skills.

Collaboration with educational and legal institutions

CLL collaborates with educational and legal institutions to carry out joint projects that align with the center’s objectives.