Khatia Tandilashvili

Law and foreign languages are an integral part of my life, which is why I established the Center for Legal Language (CLL) to bring these two areas together. Through CLL, I aim to share my knowledge and experience with anyone interested in learning. At CLL, learning is enjoyable, and we strive to help students maximize their potential. Generally, teachers are delighted to witness their students’ progress. Therefore, it would bring me great joy if CLL could contribute to the success of our students.

Khatia Tandilashvili is a doctor of law. She is also an English teacher. She received her legal education in Georgia (TSU) and Germany (The University of Potsdam), and became an English teacher at the TEFL Academy, an accredited educational academy in the UK. Khatia was awarded several academic scholarships, including the University of Potsdam scholarship and the Volkswagen Foundation’s doctoral scholarship.

Since 2012, Khatia has been working as a lawyer. She has a work experience as a lecturer, tutor, trainer, and legal practitioner. Currently, she is an invited professor at Grigol Robakidze University, where she teaches legal English and English for public administration. Besides, she is a member of the German-Georgian Criminal Law Journal (DGStZ) working group, where she translates legal papers from German into Georgian or vice versa. Khatia also translates documents from English into Georgian and vice versa.

Apart from legal languages, Khatia specializes in crime victims’ rights and case law of the European Court of Human Rights. She dedicated her doctoral thesis to victims’ rights. Besides, she has published many scientific papers on these topics and has participated in international conferences as a lecturer.

Khatia speaks Georgian (native), English, German, and French.

For more information about Khatia Tandilashvili, please, see her CV.